JDH Custom Upholstery specializes in Custom Upholstery as well as on-site restorations in Dallas Fort Worth and nationwide.
Phone : 214-631-5522
About JDH Custom Upholstery

JDH Upholstery & Manufacturing, a leader in furniture manufacturing, has outfitted higher end hotels, resorts, night clubs and restaurants around the nation for over 30 years.  From California to Florida, from Washington to New York, you will be sure to find custom furniture expertly made in our shop.  We specialize in custom furniture as well as do on-site renovations.  Whether you need stylish furniture, refinished, rustic or contemporary designs, there will certainly be something of interest for you at JDH Upholstery, the industry leader of custom hospitality and residential furniture.

Our hospitality pieces have been manufactured and delivered coast to coast. JDH is an approved vendor for several hotel chains and restaurants such as Hilton Hotels, El Chico Restaurants, Applebee's, etc.